Managed Portfolio Services

For clients wanting a seamless discretionary service but without the need for the flexibility offered by a fully tailored solution, we offer the Managed Portfolio Service (MPS).

  • With the MPS funds are invested in one of six alternative portfolio strategies, each designed to take account of different objectives and attitudes to risk.
  • Clients have their own individual portfolios of investments, managed on a discretionary basis by BRI’s expert investment team.
  • MPS portfolios are invested in collective investment schemes and will typically hold around 10 to 15 investments.
  • The MPS can accommodate a variety of tax wrappers including SIPPs, SSASs, ISAs, offshore bonds and traditional accounts.
  • MPS clients receive monthly investment updates discussing general market conditions and a quarterly factsheet summarising investment activity relevant to his or her chosen portfolio strategy.

To find out more about how BRI’s intermediary- only portfolio management services can add to your own client offering, call us today. Or, click here to access our intermediary-only document download centre.